Welcome to our Umbrella Service

The Elite Umbrella company makes your finances work harder for you.
  • What is an Umbrella?

The Elite Umbrella company makes your finances work harder for you. A payroll service that covers all your employment finances, from invoicing and PAYE through to claiming legitimate business expenses. It manages everything to ensure that you get paid on time, compliantly and tax efficiently.

  • How does it work?

The Elite Umbrella company allows you to offset your business related expenses against your tax, meaning you get the most out of your work. In order to claim expenses your contract must be temporary and you must have an expectation of future assignments. Simply put, our umbrella company acts as your employer when you undertake a contracting or freelance role. The Elite umbrella company invoices your agency or client for the work you do, then pays you directly.

  • Is it the right model for you?

Typically an Umbrella company would suit a contractor who does not anticipate contracting for a long period, someone who wants the ability to claim expenses without having to set up a Limited Company and finally ease of use.


Our Umbrella Company service includes:

  • Quick sign-up, simple and straight forward
  • Inclusive insurances, Public & Employers Liability and Professional Indemnity
  • SMS notification of payments into your account
  • No set-up or close down costs
  • Online portal to submit hours and expenses
  • Full statutory employment rights, SSP, SMP and Holiday Pay
  • Fully AWR compliant
  • Same day payments


To create a 'best in class' contractor accountancy company offering compliance and value to contractors throughout the UK.